Industry's most advanced privileged document identification tool

PrivCheck identifies potentially privileged documents by running document meta data and text against our proprietary PrivVault & customised Legal Strings. This allows managers to quickly segregate potentially privileged documents and identify keywords for privilege review. PrivCheck’s predictable and trustworthy results can help mitigate risk and enhance defensibility under Federal Rule of Evidence 502.
PrivCheck feature is available as a Relativity plug-in that works seamlessly with your existing Relativity Platform. Also available as a stand alone SAAS application that can be used with any other platform of your choice.
PrivCheck has been built using our advance technical expertise and decades worth of experience managing large Document Review projects.

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Easy Set-up

PrivCheck is the project management tool designed specifically for legal professionals to capture potentially privilege documents.

PrivCheck is very easy to deploy and works seamlessly with your existing Relativity work flow.

Access to Legal Strings

This sophisticated tool reference all documents against our exhaustive legal strings of over 900 legal words and phrases which can trigger privilege.

Identify In-house Counsel

Third kind of Privilege check enables the Project Managers to add the in-house counsel contact details for effective isolation of potentially privileged documents.

Read Through the Document

PrivCheck tool reads through the documents and identifies any data points that can potentially trigger privilege by quickly finding the privileged domains and words in your Data.

Automatic Notifications

Upon completion of a PrivCheck task, an email notification is sent to users, notifying them of process completion.

Access to PrivVault

Email data is referenced against our proprietary PrivVault, which has real time stamped data of 40,000 entities that can trigger privilege.
This allows the user to gain early insight into the potentially privileged documents . Managers can use this information to segregate documents and identify keywords for privilege review.

Glance Privilege Triggers

Privilege triggers, such as attorney email addresses, are automatically saved to customized meta data fields and can be viewed and exported at any time during the review.
PrivCheck identifies the source of potentially privilege documents (text or meta data) and presents the results in a form of report thereby saving your time and money.

Visual Representation of Results

Once a task is completed, results are rendered along with important statistics and visual representations.

Runs in Background

PrivCheck is designed to run in the background and no intervention is required after a task has been initiated.

Results Save Automatically

Documents identified as potentially privileged are automatically saved to a "Saved Search" for ease of reference.

How it works



Quick identification of potentially privileged documents

Increased Defensibility under Rule 502

Reduced review time and cost

Better risk mitigation

Greater flexibility and predictibility

About us

LexInnova develops software products that make eDiscovery document review process cost-effective, convenient and secure. The company's advanced Review Project Management tool, PrivCheck, identifies and segregates potentially privileged documents, mitigating the risk of inadvertent disclosure.

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Managing Director

Abhi Verma is responsible for creating and implementing the overall vision and strategy of the company and providing guidance to the executive team. He is also focused on building a market for centralized and more efficient delivery of patent litigation support services.

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Mark is an experienced and hands-on Big Data architect. He has been developing software for over 20 years in a variety of technology domains (such as enterprise, web, and HPC), and for a variety of verticals (including healthcare, O&G, legal, and financial).

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